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For my runners and endurance athletes

27 Jul

Want to be fast like Usain Bolt? Read the following:

There’s a lot of false info in the media and on the web…

27 Jul

Here’s just one example of “lies and mistruths” reported on the web (see link below). I agree with nearly everything the blogger says, except in some cases, I don’t believe that writing down everything you eat is necessary, but ONLY IF you are only taking in fruits, veggies, non-processed and healthy cuts of meat or seafood, some dairy, calorie free drinks, healthy fats and limited healthy grains. This means, nothing fried, no added sugars, nothing processed and no cased meats. It’s almost impossible to eat too much if you eat like this. HOWEVER, if you like your daily cola, iced mocha, after-work cocktail, fried, processed or sugary foods or a lot of starchy carbs, it’s better to track what you eat. You might be surprised and want to make some changes to your diet!

9 Surprising Health Facts:

NOTE: Fitness Kelly can help you learn to develop a lifestyle of healthier eating and living. Contact me for more info.

Colon cancer doesn’t have to be a killer!

25 Jul

Nice article coming from Men’s Health magazine regarding colon cancer and what you men (and women) can do to reduce the risk of getting this slow developing form of cancer: The Cancer You Can Beat Today

Running is the fountain of youth?

24 Jul

OK, maybe that’s a bold statement, but there is scientific evidence that aerobic exercise can keep you looking younger. The study comes from Canada’s McMaster University. The study found that vigorous exercise reduced all the signs of aging in lab mice. It comes down to changes in mitochondria. If you want to geek out (like I do) with more detailed info, check out page 19 in the July 2011 issue of Competitor Magazine.

In short, the fit person’s mitochondria can kick the non-fit person’s mitochondria’s butt!

Presidential Fitness Challenge

23 Jul

I challenge you to join my #PresidentialChallenge (PALA) group. 6-8 weeks of at least 30 minutes of activity for 5 or 6 days. Beginners to endurance athletes, everyone can make this a challenge for themselves. Follow the link to find my group. NO EXCUSES…what are you waiting for? Sign up!

Is sugar good for you? Or bad for you?

21 Jul

This article is a good example of the point, consider everything you read and hear. Back when I was a psychology major in college, I learned to draw conclusions from an experiment, but know that my conclusions weren’t the “be all, end all”. The fact is, no one knows exactly what causes obesity and a host of other medical “problems”. There are a lot of theories. All the researchers have legitimate ideas and research. So, is sugar to blame? Read all the articles and research you can find and decide for yourself. The article and video referenced in the attached article are a good place to start. Is Sugar to Blame for America’s Obesity Epidemic? (courtesy of ACE Fitness).

It’s not about quantity of calories, it’s about quality!

21 Jul

Great article from the New York Times. Read and digest. All calories are NOT created equal. 

Being "active" doesn’t need to be a huge time investment

20 Jul

Tight on time and feel like you NEED an hour to invest in your workout? You can still be active and healthy by investing the time you have available in being active.

Have only 10 minutes to spare and no gym equipment?
-Split the 10 minutes into a warm up (ex. jog in place), conditioning (ex. body weight squats and push-ups) and a stretch (ex. Down Dog pose).
-Warm up with some easy cardio and then do a few cardio intervals (ex. Tabata intervals – 20 seconds all out, then 10 seconds of rest for 6-8 rounds), stretch (ex. calf stretch if you ran for your intervals).
-A quick walk around the office building.

Think about your environment and what you have at your disposal to use what little time you have wisely. Now, go get active!