Please don’t take diet advice from Kim Kardashian (or another celebrity for that matter)!

4 Nov

Kim Kardashian is not qualified to give diet advice. She probably doesn’t even know what’s in the product she was paid millions to push. She’s probably never taken the product. Remember, she has money beyond money to hire trainers, dieticians, etc. to keep her in shape. (Read the article below to see where this rant comes from)

Real life story – I once working in a gym with the loveliest gal. 20-something and a trainer. She admitted to me that she had been taking ephedrine to lose weight (trust me, she didn’t need to lose an ounce). She stopped when the ephedrine gave her a heart attack at age 24. You read that right, you, fit, in-shape girl had a heart attack at 24 from a diet supplement. She had a heart defect that was unknown until the heart attack occurred (to be exact, a hole in her heart). The diet supplement caused all kinds of crazy irregular heart beats and heart racing that brought this unknown condition to light…and almost killed her. Is vanity worth dying? Are some people too lazy to put some good old fashioned hard work and healthy lifestyle (aka diet) to work for them? Why can’t you accept yourself for who you are?

Repeat after me: THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL! “Diet pills” and promises of magic weight loss supplements are too good to be true and therefore are generally dangerous. They aren’t regulated. You don’t know what you are really getting. It’s a bunch of voodoo “medicine”. Deep down inside, you know how to eat right. Don’t be in denial over “I can eat a big plate of fries and still lose weight with this extremely dangerous diet pill”.

Shame on you Kim Kardashian, Shame on you.


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