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A GREAT idea and an observation

27 Sep

I have a client who told me about something she’s started with the local school system and I think it’s a GREAT idea. (Pause for suspense) A recess walking club! Students and parents get together during recess and go for a walk. Simple, but a great way to encourage children to exercise, esp. by having their parents or their peers’ parents setting a good example by walking with them. I’ve read that by the mid-teens, the habits kids have tend to be life-long habits. And think of the other benefits of socialization, relationship building with teachers and other parents, etc.

Now, to switch to another topic – I teach bootcamp classes in a corporate environment and I’ve observed that many of my corporate bootcamp clients have bad posture (i.e., shoulders slumped forward, hunched backs, inability to stand up straight). This is unique to the older clients in the class. It reminds me that sitting at a desk 40+ hours a week is terrible for posture. Hunching forward to type, non-ergonomic workspaces, sitting for long periods of time…it shortens hamstrings and hip flexors, makes shoulders and necks tight, causes lower back pain and so on. My goal with that class is to help everyone with posture, not just the people who need it. The younger ones who are newer to the workforce stand straight and tall now, so the mission is to keep them that way. If you have a desk job, make it your mission to help yourself. Be an ambassador for your office to help co-workers. Learn ways to open your shoulders, hamstrings and other tight spots. Remind each other to get up and move around every hour or so, to sit up straight, to form a walking group at lunch (rather than recess like the kids). Some minimal changes will make a desk job less painful in the long run.

Finally, Someone please hold me accountable to make sure I blog at least once a week!