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3 squares or several small meals?

16 Aug

The answer is…

…it depends on what works for you. For instance, I tend to eat smaller meals every 3 hours. I just can’t eat a lot in one sitting. Buffets don’t lose money on me! Maybe you are the type who doesn’t have time for frequent meals and is satisfied by larger meals. Here’s an informative video (courtesy of Competitor Magazine, that settles the debate between eating frequently vs. infrequently:

Another Science Daily post worthy of a Blog

3 Aug

Killer Carbs: Scientist Finds Key To Overeating As We Age

from Science Daily

Read this…esp. if you fall in the 25 – 50 age group!

Note from Kelly: Not all carbs are bad, so pick wisely and adjust for your level of activity. Sedentary individuals will have a lesser need for carbs (as well as overall caloric intake) than athletes.

This is a really interesting study on diets and the brain!

3 Aug

Why diets don’t work: Starved brain cells eat themselves, study finds

from Science Daily

The take-home message: Make healthy eating a lifestyle! Fruits, veggies, nuts, good fats, goods cuts of meat, good dairy, adjust for food allergies, have a little black coffee and red wine occasionally (the drier the wine, the better) and stay away from the processed foods. Your body AND you brain will thank you!