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Being "active" doesn’t need to be a huge time investment

20 Jul

Tight on time and feel like you NEED an hour to invest in your workout? You can still be active and healthy by investing the time you have available in being active.

Have only 10 minutes to spare and no gym equipment?
-Split the 10 minutes into a warm up (ex. jog in place), conditioning (ex. body weight squats and push-ups) and a stretch (ex. Down Dog pose).
-Warm up with some easy cardio and then do a few cardio intervals (ex. Tabata intervals – 20 seconds all out, then 10 seconds of rest for 6-8 rounds), stretch (ex. calf stretch if you ran for your intervals).
-A quick walk around the office building.

Think about your environment and what you have at your disposal to use what little time you have wisely. Now, go get active!