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There’s a lot of false info in the media and on the web…

27 Jul

Here’s just one example of “lies and mistruths” reported on the web (see link below). I agree with nearly everything the blogger says, except in some cases, I don’t believe that writing down everything you eat is necessary, but ONLY IF you are only taking in fruits, veggies, non-processed and healthy cuts of meat or seafood, some dairy, calorie free drinks, healthy fats and limited healthy grains. This means, nothing fried, no added sugars, nothing processed and no cased meats. It’s almost impossible to eat too much if you eat like this. HOWEVER, if you like your daily cola, iced mocha, after-work cocktail, fried, processed or sugary foods or a lot of starchy carbs, it’s better to track what you eat. You might be surprised and want to make some changes to your diet!

9 Surprising Health Facts:

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