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Couldn’t say it better myself (except many fats are really good for you)

24 Oct

“Try and be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in, and try to live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations” – Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life

Decisions, Decisions.

23 Oct

If you think about it, life is pretty simple. We either do something or we don’t do something. As the saying goes: “Making no choice is a choice” (William James, Psychologist). Why do we beat ourselves up over major and extremely minor life decisions (Should I drink the bottled water or the filtered tap water?).

Major decisions shouldn’t be impulsive, but they still boil down to do it or don’t do it (Take the job or don’t, move or stay, have children or be childless, should I have chemo for my cancer or try alternative therapies?) – Take a little time to gather facts, listen to your gut feeling, talk to your husband or wife to get their buy in, consider any other lives impacted, and just make a decision. But don’t waste time and drive yourself crazy with indecision. Just do it or don’t do it.

Regarding what kind of water to drink (bottled or filtered)…is it really worth any of your time to mull the decision over? Are you going to become dehydrated if you make the wrong decision? Will you be outcast by society? Will every police officer in the city come running to cuff you for the wrong decision? You have enough knowledge in your head from news reports, past experience and personal preference. Just order the bottled water or don’t order it. There’s always the filtered tap water.