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It’s about buying 100% quality & getting 100% of what you pay for.

30 Oct

Do you want to know why I will never use Groupon, etc. for my business?

Think about the REAL cost of a service. A business discounts their service from 100% to something around 50% or less. Plus Groupon keeps half of the profit…so this business has decided the service is worth 5 – 25% or so of the original price. Isn’t the original price over-inflated??? Or are you getting one-quarter to one-fifth of the service offered??? And if you are a current client, you are exempt from this “special pricing”. Doesn’t that make you really mad??? When a business discounts their service, that becomes their actual price. Paying anything over that is paying above the value of the service.

Do you want to skimp when it comes to personal trainers and aerobics instructors? After all, how much can a trainer care about you when you’ve paid a heavily discounted rate and he/she isn’t making even a penny on the sale? Chances are, you will have a bitter trainer, may walk away injured and the business will disappear quickly because they couldn’t sustain surviving on months of losses (and you will lose the rest of your Groupon purchase).

FitnessKelly has investments in certifications to renew my knowledge in keeping my clients using safe movements; continuing education to keep my clients stimulated with new methods of fitness; heat for winter months in my gym; and to have quality equipment to provide solid workouts to meet every client goal. I have offered slight discounts and paid referrals at my own personal expense (never have I increased my prices to afford to discount services). These “discounts” are available to all clients, not a new person who has never used my services before. What FitnessKelly offers is worth full price or near full price than a similar business that uses Groupon to offer their service at 25% of their normal price.